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As well as our work for individual clients, we also work with probate genealogy firm  Celtic Research, tracing the next of kin of people who have died intestate.


In the UK, when someone dies without leaving a will, the Crown claims the value of the estate, unless living relatives can be found to inherit it. There are a number of companies who act on advertisements of unclaimed estates to trace these missing heirs and ensure that they inherit what is rightfully theirs. In some cases, they may never have even known the deceased person, but that doesn't matter.


Celtic Research has been established in this business for over 35 years and is one of the industry leaders, being featured initially on ITV's "Find a Fortune" and now regularly on the BBC's popular series, "Heir Hunters". Since 2009, Saul has appeared in a number of episodes of the latter in his capacity as Celtic’s regional Case Manager for North-West England.


We at Brother's Wish are proud to work with Celtic Research, ensuring that members of the public who are entitled to inherit money receive what is rightfully theirs. If you think you could be entitled to a share in an estate, please contact Celtic Research at

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